Anime SM Peeker Sticker - Car Vinyl Decal

Anime SM Peeker Sticker - Car Vinyl Decal

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Size: 10cm x 10cm (approx. or to proportion) 

Very easy to put on different applications: automotive, motorcycle, boat, laptop, mobile devices, front hood, rear trunk, spoiler, lips, side pillar, dashboard, rims, side mirrors, door, kitchen cabinets, furniture etc.

Air Bubble Free (Self-adhesive backing with Air Release Channels). Dual installation wet or dry techniques. Wet soapy water installation technique recommended for DIY or first-time user.

Removable Glue. Will not harm painted surfaces as long as paint surface is in good sound condition and free from any defects. Can be repositioned during installation with carefully using low temperature heat gun or wallpaper steamer or hair dryer and does not leave adhesive residue behind.

Flexible (Stretchable) with heat gun Or hair dryer, Can be used on any interior or exterior smooth surfaces

Can be used in the temperature from -15oC to +90oC (Between 20oC and 30oC, its the best temperature to install)

Water resistant
UV resistant
Stain-resistant and cleans easily with soap and water
PVC material